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Is a Bulldog Right For You?     

Before you bring an English Bulldog Puppy into your home and family, there are several things you should consider:

  Bullies seem to stay puppies forever – they never grow up. They’re playful and comical clowns. Are you ready for the commitment of lots of love, time, attention, and caring that a bully needs?

  Bullies aren't a vicious or aggressive breed, but they can be easily excited by a smaller animal to chase and a running child to knock down. They tend to be protective of their humans and home.

Bullies are extremely intelligent, very good-natured, exceptionally courageous, and fiercely loyal.

They can be trained, but they need to think it’s their idea. These little angels will prove to be very stubborn but are also eager to please so training sometimes proves to be easy.

  Bulldogs are quite loving and gentle with children but are a bit clumsy and pushy. They use their paws a lot and don't have much of a gentle touch. They are usually excepting of other pets. However, they will most certainly drive older pets crazy with their tenacity.

  Are you sensitive to constant noises? Bullies come with a wide range of noises and sound effects: grunting, snoring, groans, snorting, and oh yes…. Gas too!!!  

  Playtime....If you are looking for a dog to play Fetch? Jog with? Play Frisbee? Well, they will do ALL of those things but your Frisbee will only survive the first throw, he will be ready for a nap and lay down in the middle of the road after the first block and the ball will potentially live long enough for a 10 minute play session. They Play HARD and Crash HARD!!!
  Bullies will Love you unconditionally! They will curl up beside you, lay by your feet or just leave their head in your lap and just stare, and wait for you to pet them. You will soon be conned into a belly rub.

Bulldogs are prone to tons of health problems…. The #1 unhealthiest dogs! Your wallets will feel your bully’s presence!!!

  Heat Stroke – Bullies are intolerant to heat. The shape of their throats makes it hard to get air. Their soft palates are usually way shaped odd and too long, panting doesn't compensate enough for the rise in the temperature of their body. Watch for excessive panting, salivating, vomiting, and respiratory distress. Your bully will need lots of fresh, clean water and SHADE! A kiddie pool is a good idea. They love to lay in and splash around while getting a cool drink. NEVER overfill the pool!!! Bullies have webbed toes so you would think they'd be good swimmers but they just sink because of their heavy bodies. Make sure they wear a life preserver any time they are on a boat or near deep water.  


Hip Dysplasia 

The four major categories of allergy are: flea, food, airborne and contact.

  Facial Fold Dermatitis – An inflammation in the wrinkles of the face and tail. Keep your bully’s wrinkles clean and dry.

  Cherry Eye is when the tear glad or third eyelid protrudes past the eyelid, it can be pushed gently back into place but will continue to pop back out from time to time. Its very common to just have it surgically removed or anchored in. 

  Entropion is when the eyelids roll in towards the eye, leaving the animals hair to rub on the eye itself.

Small Trachea and Elongated Soft Palate are very common in short nose breeds.

  Heart Problems --. That can be managed with a good diet, extra weight can put add stress on hearts.

  Breeding Problems – Bullies are usually unable to free whelp because the puppies’ have large shoulders and heads, The mothers usually have narrow hips. Plan for lots of testing, artificial insemination, C-sections, 24 hour care for the first few weeks with the pups and plenty of heartbreak.