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Bringing Your Baby Bully Home

Remember that your puppy is just a baby Bulldog. Like any baby, he will need lots of love, cuddling, good restful sleep, and nourishing food.

Remember your puppy just left his Mama, brothers, sisters and the only humans they have ever really known. For some pups it is a traumatic experience and some don't seem to react but try to make the move as easy as possible.  For the first week or so, even though it’s your new puppy and you have your own way of doing things …try to follow the instruction you were given with your puppy.   Follow the same feeding routine.   Feeding at the same times, give the same amount, the same brand of food, and if they have been given any supplements.  

Take him to your veterinarian for a checkup in the 1st week.

If you decide to change your puppy's food, the change should be done gradual. I recommend for 2 days using ¼ new food, then ½ for 2 days, ¾ for two days.  

Bully Essentials

  The best water and food dish for a bulldog is stainless steel with straight sides and flat bottom. - avoid plastic because of the germ hoarding that can happen with plastic.   Besides, most likely…your Bully will try to make it a toy. Wash the dish after EVERY feeding.

Small harness’ and lightweight leads work best for bulldogs.   They have enough breathing issues as is. Why possibly damage them further with a collar.   Remember, Your Pup's first adventures on the lead, will be his most important.

Nail clippers or grinder.   I love the grinder that Wal-Mart sells.   I like it because it was only $20; it has 2 speeds and comes with a stone type attachment that seems to last forever.

 A wire crate is a Must Have!!!

It is so much easier to house train a puppy if he has a crate. All bullies like to have a space that is theirs, so if you don't have a crate, GET ONE, you and your Bully will be much happier with one.   In the early stages of house training, anytime your bully isn’t eating, playing, going potty or getting cuddled…he should be in the crate.  

 If you would like to train your bully to use the bathroom in one certain part of the yard, you should have a 24” to 48” high play pen set up in that section so you can easily carry him to that spot and wait for him to go potty.

 A good brush with flexible rubber bristles. One small enough to fit your hand comfortably, your bully will take advantage of you on this duty.

Bully Medicine Box

Vaseline- Use on their noses to keep them moist. The nose on some bully’s get very dry and cracks because their tongues don't reach. On their eye wrinkles as a water proof base to resist tear stains. Use in any instance that you need to protect, soothe or waterproof but don't really need any medication.  

Benadryl capsules. Many bullies have allergies, some develop over time and surprise you after trying a new food or treat, you could wake to find your bully having a hard time breathing (sounds like liquid coughs), or developing some blotchy raised bite looking spots on their skin. Benadryl will help to these symptoms until you can have an allergy test done to find out what he is allergic too. Remember, that whatever caused a breakout can stay in your bully’s system for 30 days and cause issues.

Bag Balm. Good for soothing minor skin abrasions.

 Use Cotton Balls or Q-tips to apply medication or clean ears. You can also use cotton balls to plug ears during bath time

Bully Toys


If they are chewing on something they shouldn’t have, tell them “No” and replace it with something they CAN have.


All Toys are “temporary” with Bully’s. A few plays and they are unrecognizable!!!  
Puppies like knotted material to play tug of war. Tube shocks, ropes and old t shirts are much cheaper than many trips to the pet store with outrageous prices. I like the Nylabone and Gummabone toys, but they are so spendy. I watch dollar store baby toy sections, so often they will have hard plastic zoo animals. The thrift stores offer bags and bags of baby teething rings and such that won’t hurt your wallet and make your bully feel like it’s Christmas every other week. Most bullies like to play ball, but be sure the ball is big enough not to be swallowed. Now I did splurge on a huge globe size HARD ball at the pet store, it was like $30 but it has been my 3 bully’s favorite toy and indestructible. Hours and hours of fun watching them push it around the yard and chase it.  
As Always, keep a close eyes on your Bully with his toys, they are powerful and determined… it won’t be long before he has it in small enough pieces to eat.

Bully Feeding Time

We feed our two to four month old puppies four times a day. 4-8 months old, 3 times a day and our adults eat twice a day. Bullies are usually fed like this because they tend to over eat or gorge themselves which results in Gastric Torsion. In most cases Gastric Torsion is deadly. Also, never feed your bully foods containing soybeans, soybean swells in the stomach and will undermine your prevention of Gastric Torsion. We use Natural Balance Lamb and Rice, mostly because I have a Bully allergic to corn… (and everything else) Yeah, trying to find food without Corn or Corn Syrup isn’t easy! Gas went to virtually none, and poop piles got much smaller as well with the switch to this food.
You should always feed your bully on a set schedule; never just have food available to him at all times. The pup will flourish under this regimen. Have you ever seen a dog that all it can think about is food…. Not just enjoy meal time or treats but just acts Starving all the time…? It’s because that dog was extremely hungry---maybe just once… In dogs, when they feel that feeling…IT NEVER GOES AWAY….

Some additives to the food are okay, unless you notice some allergic reactions…
1 TBSP cottage cheese…good for bones
1 tsp. Yogurt…good for digestion
Canola or Fish Oil… coat, skin, and joint health.

Vitamins are a good idea but be careful not to overdose your bully

Your Bully should have fresh water available at all times.

Be sure your treats fall in line with what you’ve found works best for your bully.

Bully Bath Time

My bullies get their faces washed in the morning and after each meal. I have one bully that her tail doesn’t move so it needs to be cleaned off after using the bathroom.  
Bullies have a strong dog smell to them but also have sensitive skin, so they get a good warm water rinsing weekly (I just choose one to hop in the shower with me) and I use a non-allergy shampoo once per month.

Start Bath times in the 1st week of having your baby home; be watchful not to get water in their ears or soap in their eyes. The first 5 baths… just concentrate on making it cuddly and fun. You will thank yourself later.
My bullies get their faces washed in the morning and after each meal. I have one bully that her tail doesn’t move so it needs to be cleaned off after using the bathroom.  
Bullies have a strong dog smell to them but also have sensitive skin, so they get a good warm water rinsing weekly (I just choose one to hop in the shower with me) and I use a non-allergy shampoo once per month.

Be sure to have all your bath supplies ready before bringing puppy in for bath time, if you leave the room and puppy is able to leave, he may get the impression that he won that battle. Dry the dog with towels. Take the cotton balls out of the dog's ears and clean any wax carefully using a dry Q-Tip. Apply Vaseline onto his nose to help keep it soft. You can then let him air dry or use a hair dryer.


Also start clipping nails in the 1st week, again it is so important to make this pleasant and relaxing to them, like its just getting some more love and attention. So be very careful not to cut them to deep. I use the grinding method and my girls actually fall asleep.

Potty Training

The key to success is consistency!!! 
Your pup should go straight outside AS SOON AS HE WAKES UP, don't stop for anything! Approximately 10 minutes after eating. After playtime and just before nap time or bed time. It helps to give lots of praise as your puppy is going potty and then leave the potty area as soon as he is done. Most dogs will not go potty in their beds. So use that to your advantage. The crate should give him enough space to lay down, fully stand and turn around. It is best to keep your pup confined ANY time you are not watching him. If you see your pup sniffing and circling, searching for something... take him outside immediately. If you see him going potty in the house, tell him "NO, NO" and take him directly outside.

 Remember, a puppy is just a baby. Their bladder capacity is small and their muscle control is limited. Your puppy should be able to hold it for 1 hr. for every month he is old (2 months old = 2 hrs.)  
Be consistent and diligent !!!
 If you make it 30 days with NO accidents.... You are almost there!