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We were looking for a laid back dog for our family but always felt like having 6 (WILD) kiddos made any animal we had high strung. Our Auggie from Wendy has completely disproven that theory. He is amazing with all of kids. He chases & plays with the ones who want him to & even our 2 year old can tell him to “stop” & he will completely chill. We took him to the vet assuming we would hear about how unhealthy this breed can be but the vet was surprised how great his breathing is as well as his tail & wrinkles. All things we were expecting to have to deal with. We could not be more happy!
- Kimberly D. via Ward Bullies Facebook
Love this place and these people!! They love their dogs and take such good care of them and their puppies till they leave with their new moms or dads! Wendy has been such an amazing help with questions that I've had about Sadie, and still loves getting pictures and videos of her (and of course the visits back to see moms and aunties)! Would HIGHLY recommend them!!
                    -Krissy S. via Ward Bullies Facebook
I love Wendy and Ward Bullies. Got my sweetie "Sophie" from Ward Bullies she is so sweet and very healthy, she is almost 6 months old now and a wonderful addition to our family. Love that you can watch them on line as they are growing while you're waiting for your pup to come to your forever home.
            - Cherrie J. via Ward Bullies                 Facebook

First I would like to say that Ward Bullies has some of the best bulldogs that I have seen. Karen and I love our new addition to the family. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
- Jason D. via Ward Bullies Facebook
I loved the experience of watching our baby grow until we were able get him!!!! You can tell these are family dogs and very loved!!!!
    - Micah T. via Ward Bullies         Facebook